Past seminars and webinars

PiP Webinar – The Future of Respectful Relationships: Building a Generation for Change

1 September 2021

This webinar looked at the future of Respectful Relationships Education, and how we can integrate a ‘whole-of’ approach to challenging the drivers of violence against women among children and young people. Watch the recording and access resources.

PiP Webinar – WIRE’s Respectful Relationships and Money Conversation Kit

18 August 2021

Co-hosted with WIRE, this webinar explored WIRE’s Respectful Relationships and Money Conversation Kit, a suite of six videos and a conversation kit describing how to have conversations about money. Watch the recording and access resources.

PiP Webinar – Behind the Altar – Understanding how we change the story in faith-based settings

4 August 2021

This webinar unpacked learnings and practice examples for preventing violence in a faith setting from the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Preventing Violence Against Women (PVAW) Program’s evaluation report. Watch the recording and access the evaluation report.

PiP Webinar – From personal growth to systemic change: The power of Communities of Practice

6 October 2020

This interactive online session explored the benefits of communities of practice and the key findings from DVRCV’s position paper ‘Learning together: Strengthening approaches to prevention through Communities of Practice’. Watch the recording and access resources.

PiP Webinar – Keeping primary prevention of violence against women on the agenda: Learning from local government

9 September 2020

This webinar explored the role of local government in preventing violence against women and strategies and ideas to keep primary prevention on the agenda now and in the future. Watch the recording and access resources.

PiP Webinar – Supporting a whole school approach to respectful relationships education

23 June 2020

This webinar unpacked and explored what a whole school approach is and why it is important. Watch the recording and access the resources.

PiP Webinar – LGBTIQ inclusive prevention in conversation with Rainbow Health Victoria

27 May 2020

LGBTIQ communities experience family and intimate partner violence at rates equal to or higher than non-LGBTIQ people. In conversation with Jackson Fairchild of Rainbow Health Victoria, this webinar explores the complexities that drive this violence. Watch the recording and access the resources.

PiP Webinar – Preventing violence against women and family violence in faith settings

12 May 2020

Faith communities and settings are an important environment where social beliefs and norms are shaped. These beliefs and norms have the potential to either promote violence or protect against it. Watch the recording and access the resources.

PiP Seminar – ‘What about men?’ Engaging men and boys to prevent violence against women

12 March 2020

This seminar explored how to effectively frame our work to engage men and boys to prevent violence against women. A panel of experts, academics, on-the-ground prevention practitioners discussed how to manage and work through the barriers and challenges that restrict engagement with men and boys.


  • Prof Amanda Keddie – Chair in Education, Deakin University
  • Dr Shane Tas – Senior Policy Advisor, Masculinities, Our Watch
  • Shelley Hewson-Munro – Project Manager, Working Together with Men & Momentum, HealthWest Partnership
  • Matt Tyler – Executive Director, The Men’s Project, Jesuit Social Services

PiP Seminar – Learning from change: Embedding effective evaluation into prevention practice

11 February 2020

This seminar provides an insight into the challenges that primary practitioners face in evaluating and monitoring their projects. A curated panel of evaluation experts and prevention practitioners explore some of the most pressing questions that practitioners ask about the evaluation process.


  • Loksee Leung – Research and Evaluation Lead, the Equality Institute
  • Monique Bouma – PVAW Coordinator, Women’s Health in the North
  • Kathryn Aedy – PVAW Team Leader, Multicultural Centre from Women’s Health

Responding to Disclosures in Prevention Settings

On 13 February 2019, more than 60 practitioners attended the first PiP seminar event of 2019 and had an engaged conversation with a panel of experts, educators and practitioners. They discussed key considerations and practical techniques to safely respond to a disclosure from a colleague or a child/young person and how to better embed response thinking and principles at the early planning stages of a project. Panel speakers included:

Deanne Carson – CEO & Co-founder, Body Safety Australia
Alyssha Fooks – Program Leader, Education Training and Development, CASA House
Sangwon Lee – PVAW Project Officer, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health
Deborah Robins  Foundation Teacher, Brunswick North West Primary School
Genevieve Sheppard – Senior Education Advisor, Our Watch

Embedding Student Voice – 14 November 2018

On 14 November, we hosted our final Respectful Relationships seminar series event for the year. The panel speakers discussed the importance of student voice in respectful relationships education, and explored ways to engage young people and avoid tokenism. Panel speakers included:

Jarrod Bateup – Project Lead, Respectful Relationships, Western Melbourne Area, Department of Education and Training
Nina Laitala – Executive Officer, Victorian Student Representative Council
Michelle Ko – Student Executive, Victorian Student Representative Council
Rachel Messer – Senior Health Promotion Officer, Inspiro
Briony O’Keeffe – Teacher, Fitzroy High School
Olivia Dower – Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective member

Unpacking Resistance –  24 July 2018

This event featured a presentation by Catherine Morland, from the Municipal Association of Victoria, on the backlash against councils following a media storm around gender equity and children’s books, and the MAV’s response.

The following panel discussion featured:

  • Liz Murphy, Vic Health
  • Tracey Egan, City of Monash
  • Omar Marzouk, Minaret College

Early childhood – 19 April 2018

On 19 April the PiP seminar series brought together a panel of experts and practitioners to discuss respectful relationships in early childhood settings.

The conversation spanned both theoretical and practical considerations, as well as the myriad opportunities and challenges that can arise when working in this space. The panel discussion was rich, dynamic and practical, providing many real life examples of how the community sector can effectively work with early childhood services to embed respectful relationships education.

Engaging with parents and the wider school community – 27 February 2018

The Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins, attended this event to announce the Victorian Government’s commitment to fund the Partners in Prevention program’s continued expansion in 2018-19. Following this, a panel of representatives from the community sector, parents and the Department of Education and Training discussed the importance of parent and community engagement in this work.

Working effectively with schools – 28 November 2017

Respectful Relationships in Victoria: Working effectively with schools, the second in the 2017-18 PiP seminar series, was held on Tuesday 28 November, 2017. More than 60 people attended the event, which featured an engaging panel discussion between representatives from the community sector, schools and the Department of Education and Training. The essential role of the community sector was highlighted throughout the discussion, with the panel providing practical ideas about how to work effectively with schools.

A thoughtful audience Q&A finished off the session, followed by lunch and networking. Many people reported feeling more confident and inspired about the role of the community sector in working with schools to implement a whole school approach.

Setting the scene – 26 October 2017

This event featured a panel of experts and practitioners discussing the current respectful relationships landscape in Victoria and the significant work and policy momentum that has brought us to this point.

Guest speakers included:

  • Emily Maguire, CEO, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (Moderator)
  • Dr Marion Frere, CEO, Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality
  • Justin McDonnell, Director Engagement, Inclusion and Support, Department of Education and Training
  • Dr Pamela Bjork-Billings, Senior Education Advisor, Our Watch
  • Jess Boccia, Respectful Relationships Practitioner and Consultant
  • Professor Helen Cahill, Director Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

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