Using attitudes research to strengthen advocacy around violence against women – Two free VicHealth workshops

This workshop will discuss the findings of the National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS) and assist PVAW practitioners to use this research in their advocacy, media and/or violence prevention roles. The workshop is relevant to the violence prevention sector and people working in communications

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VicHealth Preventing Violence Against Women 2-day workshop

This course will equip participants to build environments within organisations and across communities that foster and maintain safe, equal and respectful gender relations. The course also provides the opportunity to strengthen and develop partnerships between organisations and across sectors to support the planning and implementation of activity

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Entertaining educational theatre to help reduce the instances of bullying in school and create harmonious relationships within our community

Sticks & Stones K-6 & 7-10 Brainstorm Productions theatrical anti-bullying program that can be used as a complementary resource for respectful relationship education programs. The production addresses key good practice elements from the Respectful Relationships Education report, with a strong focus on the prevention of violence, fostering respectful relationships,

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New VicHealth PVAW Evaluation Guide

Evaluating Victorian projects for the primary prevention of violence against women: A concise guide VicHealth recently released a concise guide to evaluating primary prevention projects.  The guide has been developed to support the growing field of primary prevention practice in Victoria. It’s designed to support practitioners in undertaking their own (internal) evaluations. It’s just as

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Acknowledgement of country

DVRCV and the PiP network acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the lands and waters throughout Australia.

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