PiP Member Spotlights

Meet some members of the Partners in Prevention network and hear their stories. Find out what they’re passionate about and how they got involved in the prevention of violence against women.

Sarah Corbell

A woman with long dark hair smiles at the camera

Role: Respectful Relationships Project Lead, Outer Gippsland
Organisation: Department of Education and Training
PiP member since: February 2011

“I was drawn to education as a career because I truly believe that education is power. It’s critical that people have access to information that’s accurate, particularly with the growth of social media influences that may not be evidence-based.”

Tess Karambelas

Tess Karamabelas sitting at an office desk smiling at the camera

Role: Trainer and Co-Facilitator, Workforce Development Program on Gender and Disability
Organisation: Women with Disabilities Victoria
PiP member since: September 2020

“Women with disabilities face disproportionate structural and societal barriers. Understanding these barriers sparked my interest in primary prevention – it’s about everyone doing their part to prevent violence against us from the very beginning.”

Krissy Nicholson

Krissy Nicholson

Role: Family Violence Prevention Officer
Organisation: City of Casey
PiP member since: January 2019

“I’d been working in international aid applying a gender lens across all kinds of programs for years, and it’s only when I started this role that I realised it was family violence prevention.”

Nisha Karawita

Nisha Karawita

Role: Prevention Coordinator
Organisation: cohealth
PiP member since: January 2014

“It was quite powerful for me to see beyond the biomedical lens – to see the impact of social and environmental factors and the effect of power differentials on people’s health.”

Shelley Hewson-Munro

Shelley Hewson-Munro

Role: Project Manager, Working Together With Men & Momentum and Academic Teaching Scholar – Social Work
Organisation: HealthWest Partnership / Victoria University
PiP member since: February 2020

“I still keep hearing ‘How do we engage men?’ That question really bothers me, because I’ve been doing it for 14 years and lots of others have too. We should instead be asking ‘How can we be doing this in safer ways? How can we create allies, rather than white knights?’”

Nisha Liyanage

Photo of Nisha

Role: Health Promotion Officer – Preventing Violence Against Women Workforce Development
Organisation: Women’s Health in the North
PiP member since: June 2018

“As a facilitator I really enjoy being able to hold someone’s hand as they come to understand, for example, victim blaming. I’m able to gently usher people along as they see the world in a new way. This work can be frustrating but when I see the penny drop for people, it’s totally worth it.”

Rachael Bye

Photo of Rachael Bye

Role: Early Childhood Resource Officer
Organisation: City of Darebin
PiP member since: April 2018

“Working in gender equity in early years is this wonderful convergence where I’ve managed to bring together three things I’m really passionate about: teaching, gender equity, and mentoring other educators. I couldn’t have imagined that this work existed, that it could be a job I could get paid to do.”

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