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International resources

The California-based, Prevention Connection, has a ‘wiki’ with information on a range of materials (eg. workshop exercises, school curriculum, books, posters and dvds) about and for the primary prevention of violence against women visit violence prevention wiki The UK website Womankind Worldwide has a range of resources

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Australian resources

Women’s Health in the North and the Northern Integrated Family Violence Network have produced a short film targeting young women called ‘Love Control’. It is particularly useful for demonstrating the impact of emotional abuse and other nonphysical forms of controlling behaviour. There are two versions on Youtube,

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Government resources

A Right to Respect: Victoria’s Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women outlines a whole of government strategy for reducing violence against women between 2010 and 2020. Respectful Relationships Education in Schools is a report on best practice in secondary school violence prevention in Victoria produced by VicHealth

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VicHealth resources

Preventing violence before it occurs: a framework and background paper to guide the primary prevention of violence against women in Victoria This document presents a comprehensive ecological model to guide the primary prevention of violence against women and forms the background to ‘A Right to Respect’ mentioned

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Acknowledgement of country

DVRCV and the PiP network acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the lands and waters throughout Australia.

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