Young Women’s Workplace Rights Project: Survey

Young Women’s Workplace Rights Project- consortium through Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission: The VEOHRC are currently developing a project to raise awareness amongst young women about discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. VEOHRC will be developing tools for young women and for employers outlining their rights and responsibilities.

This project is in response to research and consultation conducted by the VEOHRC, that identified that there was a real need to focus a project on ‘young women in the workplace.’  Young women were identified as a group that were particularly vulnerable to discrimination, yet they were also one of the groups that were least likely to be aware of their workplace rights and to seek help to resolve discrimination at work.

The first step of the project is a survey for young women under 30. The information gathered from this survey will inform the development of the tools.  If you are interested in particpating in this survey or know young women who might be please see the information and links below:                                                                           
  Did you know that it is against the law for your boss or coworkers to treat you unfairly     
  because of your age or because you are a woman?                                              
  Did you know that workplaces must protect all workers, including volunteers, from sexual     
  The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s goal is to stop discrimination 
  and sexual harassment from happening.                                                        
  If you are a young woman under 30, we would like to hear from you! Please take five minutes  
  to complete our survey.                                                                       
  By taking part in this survey you will help us create information for you about your rights  
  in the workplace.                                                                            
  We will not ask for any personal details in this survey. The information you give us will be 
  used to create information for you about your rights in the workplace.                       
  However, once you finish the survey you will be invited to provide your email address if you 
  would like to help test the resources we develop. Your email address will not be linked to   
  your survey responses.                                                                       
  (Please note: The Commission will make sure we protect your privacy in accordance with       
  Victorian privacy laws and the confidentiality sections of the Equal Opportunity Act 1995.   
  You will not receive a response to this survey. )                                             
    If you require assistance completing this survey please call: 1300 292 153

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