Using Facebook for Respectful Relationships education

Those with even a passing interest in the internet know that social media is all the rage. At last month’s Youth Affairs conference in Ballarat workers were urged to experiment with sites like facebook and twitter or miss out on engaging with youth audiences. 

So DVRCV is jumping on the bandwagon, in the spirit of experimentation and with the aim of engaging our online audience we have created a facebook page to help guide the ‘extreme makeover’ of When Love Hurts.

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting pictures, design ideas, potential names and content so become a fan and tell us what you like.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘social media’ and its component websites check out this presentation from Sydney PhD student, Jess Nichols.

Those interested in other respectful relationship and anti-violence against women facebook offerings should check out Hold footballers accountable for sexual assault and violence against women , Blame the rapist, not the victim, and Men Can Stop Rape.

Acknowledgement of country

DVRCV and the PiP network acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the lands and waters throughout Australia.

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