New funding announced for Victorian respectful relationships education

The Victorian Government announced today an additional $21.8 million dollars for respectful relationships education in schools and kinders.

The investment is part of the $572 million initial response to the Family Violence Royal Commission in the 2016/17 Victorian Budget. This key prevention initiative was called for in recommendation 189 by the Royal Commission.

In the first two years, the funding will deliver:

  • Training and support for around 120 selected mentor ‘lighthouse’ schools to champion the program and drive positive change in their own and other schools.
  • Professional learning for thousands of primary and secondary teachers to help them teach the respectful relationships program.
  • Dedicated health officers in each of the Department of Education’s local areas to support schools in responding to family violence and making connections with relevant services in the community.
  • Professional learning for up to 4000 early childhood professionals around respectful relationships and family violence prevention.

The media release can be found on the Premier’s website.

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