PiP Meeting 12 August 2 – 4:30pm meeting notes


pip meeting notes

At our August PiP meeting, Stef Tipping, Schools program Coordinator at CASA House delivered a workshop on the Sexual Assault Prevention Project for Secondary Schools (SAPPSS), providing an overview of the program and how it has evolved over recent years. Stef also ran some exercises with the group that she has found most effective when working with secondary school students and teachers.

Stef discussed how CASA support schools long term to ensure sustainability of the program. SAPPSS delivers a whole of school approach to ensure greater consistency from the classroom to the school yard. This includes training for teachers and school policy evaluation. While the program only covers year 9 students, the schools bring in different programs across other year levels that offer a limited amount of sessions with students. The program is currently being implemented in a special needs school where the program has been adapted to suit students needs. CASA House are currently rewriting the SAPPSS program to include greater diversity, such as CALD and same sex relationships.

Q: Has the program been delivered in a catholic school?

A: Barwon CASA have delivered SAPPSS in a Catholic school. The program content wasn’t shifted however it was pitched as benefiting all students regardless of whether they are sexually active or not.

Q: How does CASA House support a transgender student when groups are divided by sex?

A: Students are spoken to one on one to see what they would like to do. They are welcome to choose what group they would best identify with. This is something that will be looked at further in the review of the SAPPSS program.

Q: What happened to CASA House’s motoring program for year 10 students?

A: Students were not ready to fill this role yet and needed more experience and guidance. Students in year 11 and 12 are too busy with studies to prioritise this role.

Q: Does CASA House provide professional development to schools to implement the Stepping Out curriculum?

A: CASA House use the SAPPSS program.

Stef emphasised that schools need to hear that “we are not teaching women to not be sexually assaulted, we are teaching them how to not sexually assault”.

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