VicHealth’s “You wanna feel safe” DVD is available for purchase at DVRCV

VicHealth’s You wanna feel safe: Building capacity for safe and respectful environments for women, and healthier communities for all DVD is now available for purchase at the DVRCV publications web store. VicHealth has given permission for DVRCV and PiP to copy and distribute the resource to the community.

The DVD is a valuable complementary resource for organisations and individuals working to build capacity around the prevention of violence against women. The DVD demonstrates the different impact that the threat of sexual violence has on men’s and women’s lives and social freedoms, as a means to illustrate the impact of gender on people’s lives.

$15 flat rate for both Victorian and interstate delivery.

Acknowledgement of country

DVRCV and the PiP network acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the lands and waters throughout Australia.

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