Peaceful Warriors (PW) / Boys Will Be Men (BWBM) Program

A 10 week program for boys aged 9 to 12 who will benefit from an adult male focus, promoting positive social skills, ability to manage intense emotions and to help in improving self esteem.

The programs are designed to assist the boys in their transition from primary to secondary school and boyhood to manhood.

The programs brings together a number of men from the community who volunteer their time to be positive and non-judgmental role models for a small number of boys in a weekly program.

The men play a mentoring role to the boys both individually and collectively while participating in joint activities that include:

  • Sharing stories and experiences of manhood and boyhood.
  • Challenging unhelpful concepts of masculinity.
  • Encouraging Teamwork, Being me (genuine), Listening, Support and Courage.
  • Participating in activities that increase self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • Promoting / demonstrating self control and responsible decision making as a group and with oneself.
  • Opportunities for one-on-one sharing of experiences and difficulties (that men & boys face).
  • Discussing feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

The program culminates with a weekend adventure camp.

The BWBM / PW program supports and encourages volunteer men to provide their time, self knowledge and skills to assist young boys on their journey to manhood. We request men to make a commitment to the program, have an openness to be genuine with the other men and boys, and to join with us in seeing that the needs of the boys are the priority concern.


  • Build on the boys’ experience of male role models and adult male relationships.
  • Provide the boys with a safe opportunity to combine the experiences and stories of genuine men as role models for their own masculine development.
  • Challenge unhelpful concepts of masculinity and provide new insights.
  • Give the boys the opportunity to relate to men and gain genuine feedback and approval from them.
  • Help the boys improve their level of self awareness.
  • Help the boys manage strong emotions.
  • Help the boys improve their self control.
  • Help boys challenge their unhelpful thinking.
  • Increase the boys’ self-esteem with physically challenging activities in a supportive environment.

Target group

Boys age 9 – 12

Setting for delivery

  • Group work with men (1st 4 weeks of program) – meeting room
  • Group work with men and boys (weeks 5 to 10 of program) – School hall / hall
  • Weekend adventure camp – various locations


Paul Dayman, Anglicare Victoria 47-51 Castella Street, Lilydale, 3140 Ph: 9735 4188

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